You are a doctor or healthcare professional, and tired of searching the net or googling every time you look for medical information, or to investigate new procedures!

You have reached the place that will save your time and efforts .... Here is a list of Top Medical Websites for Doctors and Healthcare professionals.


By Emad El Alem - Biomedresearches Publisher
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In our present era, where the concept of leadership in the provision of medical and health services have become the most important criteria measured against the development of countries, which in return, spend a significant proportion of their annual budgets on the health sector, reflecting positively on the happiness and satisfaction of their citizens for the services provided by their governments. This is achieved in close cooperation with health care professionals (doctors, nurses, specialists, consultants and others), for whom, the tremendous technological and cyber development have become a source of support and inspiration, to exert their best in most instantaneous and speedy way, with the help of what became to be known as “e or digital and interactive learning), which enables them to directly access the latest and most important inventions, research, scientific studies and information for every medical field without any hindrances. This is as well include specialized journals, publications and bulletins, that helps them to ensure the validity, credibility and reliability of what is published, and then reviewing it to decide the possibility and feasibility of applying it to patients. From here arises the need and priority for a trusted medical reference website for healthcare practitioners, whatever their specialty is, including and not limited to: academics, clinically based practitioners, researchers, industrial and organizational employees and contributors. These websites should be privileged with highest standards of transparency, professionalism, credibility and accuracy, for constantly usage.
Over the years, many studies have been conducted to study the increase use of internet by healthcare professionals and physicians in particular to gather medical information, and the implication of this practice on patients care activities (treatment, medication, etc.). It is a fact that, the Internet is increasingly becoming an essential source for physicians to improve their medical knowledge, and to acquire updated information about health care and their profession.
The main difference between the way doctors obtain information on the Internet and ordinary people is that, they are less dependent on results from search engines than the average people, who usually access it. One study indicates that the vast majority of physicians prefer to access specific sites to obtain medical information.

To do this task on your behalf, and to suggest which health and medical websites are the most credible and accurate to be a reference for everyone in the field, I had to work according to strict criteria, that do not attach great importance to their ranking in terms of search engine results or number of their followers in social media, but rather, from their statement of ownership, finance, sponsorship, editorial policies and affiliation, ease of communication with the site, privacy policy, content update and review, in addition to other factors, which I will talk about in a detailed article which you can view and read here.
Now, here is the list of most trusted medical reference websites for healthcare professionals (upon my evaluation):
Please note that, Websites in the below list are randomly arranged and not in order of preference

National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health (NIH) comprises 25 specialized institutes. It is a United States government agency, part of the Public Health Service, of the Department of Health and Human Services. It conducts and supports biomedical research into the causes, cure, and prevention of disease.
In addition to its various institutes, the NIH maintains the National Library of Medicine, which is the foremost source of medical information in the United States.

National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine is the world’s largest biomedical library, and a leader in research in computational health informatics. NLM plays a pivotal role in translating biomedical research into practice. NLM’s research and information services support scientific discovery, health care, and public health. NLM pioneers new ways to make biomedical data and information more accessible; builds tools for better data management and personal health; and helps create a more diverse and data-skilled workforce. NLM enables researchers, clinicians, and the public to use the vast wealth of biomedical data to improve health.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. It is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), cosmetics, animal foods and veterinary products.

WHO - World Health Organisation

WHO, as the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system, adheres to the UN values of integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity. WHO deals with health, safety, preventive health and other related fields. It releases various fact sheets, reports, health campaign reports and recent medical news related to public health, medicine and preventive health.

CDC - Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC is the USA leading science-based, data-driven, service organization. Its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the US and internationally. The CDC focuses national attention on developing and applying disease control and prevention. It especially focuses its attention on infectious disease, food borne pathogens, environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and educational activities designed to improve the health of United States citizens.

ODPHP - is coordinated by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). It plays a vital role in keeping the nation healthy, which is accomplished by setting national public health objectives and supporting programs, services, and education activities that improve the health. The site includes information about Healthy People 2030 and evidence-based, actionable health information for consumers from MyHealthfinder.


MedlinePlus is a service of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). MedlinePlus offers a wide range of information about prescription drugs and dietary supplements. Additionally, it provides information about many medical conditions and health issues treated with prescription medications. The site also provides a medical encyclopedia, a medical dictionary, an aid to find local health-related resources, and current health news and press announcements. It can be used on over 40 languages.


Cochrane is a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. It is a British international charitable organisation formed to organise medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions involving health professionals, patients and policy makers. It includes 53 review groups that are based at research institutions worldwide. Cochrane has approximately 30,000 volunteer experts from around the world. The group conducts systematic reviews of health-care interventions and diagnostic tests, and publishes them in the Cochrane Library.

Merck Manuals

The Merck Manuals are a comprehensive medical information source covering thousands of topics in all fields of medicine. They are offered as a free public service to health care professionals and the general public. The Merck Manual was first published in 1899 as a service to the community. The legacy of this great resource continues as the Merck Manual in the US and Canada and the MSD Manual outside of North America.


The NHS website is the UK's biggest health website, with more than 50 million visits every month. There are more than 2,000 organisations share its content, including other NHS websites, local authorities, charities and commercial organisations, from start-ups to large technology leaders. It contains information about medical news, health topics and details of medical services. It offers professionals toolkit and online video trainings.


More than 1.9 million clinicians in 190+ countries rely on UpToDate to make the best care decisions and stay abreast of contemporary standards in the workflow and on-the-go. UpToDate is associated with improved patient outcomes and hospital performance, and studies show that clinicians who use UpToDate change their decisions 30 percent of the time. More than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. Every day, clinicians view topics covering 25 specialties over 1.6 million times.


Medscape is a trusted and reliable source of medical and health information. it provides latest medical news, thought leader perspective, clinical trial coverage, drug updates, journal articles, CME activities and more. It is a free and very valuable resource for physicians and healthcare practitioners.


WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing health, and support to those who seek information. It is the leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information. Providing credible health information, supportive community, and educational services by blending award-winning expertise in content, community services, expert commentary, and medical review.


The Medical Library Association (MLA) is a global, nonprofit educational organization, with a membership of more than 400 institutions and 3,000 professionals in the health information field. Since 1898, MLA has fostered excellence in the professional practice and leadership of health sciences library and information professionals to enhance health care, education, and research throughout the world. MLA educates health information professionals, supports health information research, promotes access to the world’s health sciences information, and works to ensure that the best health information is available to all. is the largest, most widely visited, independent medicine information website available on the Internet. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. is designed for both consumers and health professionals. FDA recommends as a reliable website to stay better informed about drugs.