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BioMedResearches provide you with a comprehensive guide to medical manufacturers.  Our website is designed to introduce you to the companies in the peak of medical engineering and technology. We have put them in three groups of  pages, where each includes a list of international companies listed in alphabetical order and each listed company comes with a brief description of its products. Click on the company name or logo to access its site.

You may kindly refer Biomedresearches to contacted organization as your reference.

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* - * Medical Equipment Manufacturers


* - * Dental Equipment Manufacturers



Authorities and Organizations

View the list of Drug, Medical Devices, Food and Standard Authorities and Organizations


FDA Med Watch


-/ The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

Have you become aware of a side effect or error related to an FDA-regulated drug or product?

Report the problem directly to the FDA.

Useful Sites

Medical Device Manufacturers Databases:

These databases can be of great help and also informative to thoses of interest in the Medical Device Manufacturers. Read the full article





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