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Biomedresearches guide you to most of the pharmaceutical companies and related info. here you can find valuable information about drug resources, top pharmaceutical manufacturers, useful pharmaceutical links and a complete population of the world wide pharmaceutical manufacturers. You may refer Biomedresearches to any contacted organization as your reference.


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Buying Prescription Medicine Online : A Consumer Safety Guide

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Source: FDA    

Quick Tips—When Getting a Prescription

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Source: Quick Tips—When Getting a Prescription

Your Medicine: Play It Safe

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Source: Your Medicine: Play It Safe

AHRQ Publication

Medicine Record Form

This form can help you keep track of your medicines, vitamins, and other
dietary supplements.
Take this with you each time you go to the doctor or pharmacist.

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FDA Med Watch

-/ The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

Have you become aware of a side effect or error related to an FDA-regulated drug or product?

Report the problem directly to the FDA.



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