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With so many medical resources available these days, it can be difficult to identify the most reliable and trustworthy ones.
If you are employed in the medical field, studying medicine, interested in specific information, patient or a researcher, then the Internet can be a valuable tool.
Biomedresearches guides our valuable readers to the sources of medical information on the net. This page provides links to freely accessible medical online databases. Here we provide the guide to reliable medical resources, which access to extensive medical information covering wide and varied areas of the medical field.
We do state here clearly that no direct recommendation or sponsorship by Biomedresearches of these listed web resources is implied, as also these sites do not replace the opinion of your physician.

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No direct recommendation or sponsorship by Biomedresearches - Middle East Medical Information Center and Directory - of these listed web resources is implied. The resources referenced here are intended to provide general information.
Some resources will contain information that is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of your physician. Please consult your healthcare provider for individual information on your specific condition .

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